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Header graphic and left side images are by
Bruce Kovach, Nikki Schmith and
Joann Stewart,
used with their permission.

2018 Scheduled AHS Daylily Exhibitions:

As shows and exhibitions are certified by the AHS Exhibitions Chair, they will be inserted here in date order.  We are looking forward to another great year of showing outstanding daylilies to participants and the general public who attend the shows.

2018 AHS Accredited Exhibitions are listed here in date order.  More will be added as they are certified by the AHS Exhibitions Chair

Show dates are usually chosen to match peak bloom for the location of the show, so shows start in the south, usually in May and move northward as the summer progresses.  Shows appear here as they are certified, so they may be inserted in between already listed shows.  Within a given date, shows are listed in the order in which they were certified, so check within each date for a show near you.

05 May 2018, Saturday: Entries accepted 07:30-10:30 a.m., Open to the public 1:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m., Hosted by the Lone Star Daylily Society, at the Epiphany Lutheran Church located at 5515 W Broadway, Pearland, TX. Shows Chairs Bekki Spearman and Sharon Schafer. FSandBS@Att.net. Region 6

02 June 2018, Saturday: Entries accepted 0800 – 1000 AM, Open to the public 1:00 PM – 4:45 PM, hosted by the Triad Daylilies Fans, at the Fellowship Presbyterian Church, located in Greensboro NC, Show Chair Lynne Broderius.
roberts41@northstate.net  Region 15

The Daylily Exhibitions listed here are updated when they are certified by the AHS Exhibitions Chair.  Additional shows may be added. Check back!

Show Chairs.  Download the AHS Show Lists .zip file HERE.  This includes the Official AHS lists of Spiders, Unusual Forms, Doubles, Polymerous, Multiform and No Size Recored Lists in .pdf format once the file is expanded.

Enjoy the Shows!

Here as some images below from past Daylily Exhibitions - photos courtesy of Gisela Meckstroth, used with permission.

show 1

show 2

show 3

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