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AHS Announcements
Check here for AHS Board News, Site Updates and Other Announcements


AHS is conducting a search for a new Registrar, to be hired in late 2015. Application forms should be sent to Search Committee Chair, Nikki Schmith, by September 15, 2015.

Nikki Schmith, AHS Search Committee Chair
424 Pheasant Court
Worden, IL 62097

Download the application form HERE.


The AHS Board has approved changes to the Photography and Video Awards.

These will take effect for the 2016 contest (deadline November 1, 2015.)

The AHS Awards and Honors Committee administer this program. The awards are presented each year at the AHS National Convention. Rules will take effect for the 2016 contest and apply to all awards:

  • All entrants must be AHS members.
  • An entrant may submit up to three (3) digital images or videos in each award category, unless specifically noted otherwise. The entrant must clearly indicate the category for each entry. 
  • Each entry may be submitted in only one category
  • Only registered cultivars are allowed
  • No entrant may win the award in any combination of categories more than three times within a five year period.
  • A panel of three to four judges evaluates all entries. Of these, at least two must be members of AHS. All judges shall have an extensive knowledge of photography or cinematography. Judges may not be entrants in the competitions.
  • The Visual Media Chair is authorized to resolve any ties, disputes or discrepancies that arise during the judging process.
  • No borders or texts should be used on images. When possible, remove any distracting items, such as metal plant tags, spent blooms, and dead plant leaves, before taking the photo.
  • No people should appear prominently in any photo. Any who do, should be insignificant to the landscape and not identifiable.
  • All digital images must be in .jpg format.
  • Suggested individual image size should be between 1 and 5 MB. Minor photo editing, such as cropping and minor color and exposure correction, is allowed.  Please use caution to avoid over manipulation and enhancement of images.
  • Each image should be labeled  following the example appropriate to the category:
    • SINGLE AND MULTIPLE BLOOM-Follow the format used in the Online Daylily Database, found on the AHS web site Home Page. For example, ‘Green Inferno’ (Gossard, 2006) or ‘Webster’s Pink Wonder’ (Webster-Cobb, 2003),
    • LANDSCAPE-Identify the location, such as, The Garden of John Doe, (State Initials, such as NC). For example, The Lucius Garden (OH) or Slightly Different Nursery (NC).
    • ARTISTIC-A short description of the image, such as, ‘Daylily Name’ (Doe, 20--) with any object of interest. For example: ‘Orangutan’ (Reed, 1991) with fly.

The deadline for submission is November 1, and it is determined by the date on the e-mail or mailing container. All entries are to be sent to the Visual Media Chair.
The winning entrant may keep all awards.

Charles Harper, AHS Visual Media Chair
109 E. Back Bay Road
Bowling Green, OH 43402

Due to the generosity of two AHS Board members, the AHS has a wonderful opportunity to receive Matching Funds at a 2:1 ratio for all donations up to $10,000. Any funds donated to the AHS General fund during this time will be matched at a rate of $1.00 for every $1.00 donated. An additional $1.00 will be placed into the Wiliam E. Monroe Endowment Fund for each $1.00, up to $10,000! Go to the Donations Page

AHS has a new publications sales and services manager.

Publication Services Manager
Brenda Macy

109 West Poplar Street
Elizabethtown, KY 42701

Electronic Media Award - New July 2014

The AHS Technology Committee and Awards & Honors Committee jointly
administer this award, designed to recognize individuals who have performed
outstanding service to the AHS membership and the general public in the area of
electronic media. The electronic media should create interest in, educate and
promote the AHS to members and the general public. Nominees may have
designed and created websites, blogs, electronic magazines, mobile applications, as well as emerging technologies not specifically listed or included in other award
categories. This award is presented at the National Convention each year.

Rules applying to this award are as follows.

    • All nominees must be AHS members
    • Any AHS member may nominate a member from any AHS region,
      including International members, for this award. If several members
      have collaborated on the creation of the electronic media, they may be
      nominated as a team.
    • All nominations must be sent to the AHS Technology Chair
      no later than September 1 each year.
    • Nomination letters must include a website address or a link to the
      electronic media that can be viewed online.
    • In addition to describing the merit of the electronic media and the
      candidate’s worthiness for the award, nomination letters must
      address the merits of the electronic media relative to the following
              o Effect on furthering and promoting the mission of the AHS
              o Potential effect on membership
              o Educational merit
              o Innovative use of technology
              o Technical difficulty
              o Ease of use and navigation
              o Aesthetic appeal
    • The AHS Board will select the winner at the fall board meeting each
      year. The winner is awarded a certificate, signed by the AHS
      President, and a special electronic logo denoting the AHS award that
      may be used on the website, mobile app or Electronic magazine
      denoting the AHS Electronic Media award and year awarded
    • The award recipient will be recognized in the Daylily Journal and ENews.
    • A member may be nominated for and receive this award multiple
      times, if merited, but not for the same project.

On November 10, 2012, the AHS Board voted to approve an action item amending Registration fees as follows, to take effect January 1, 2013.

New Registration $15.00


Reserved Name Application fee
reserved period increases from two to three years
$6.00 /2 $10.00/3
Registration Revision fee
Changes made at the discretion of the Registrar
$6.00 $10.00

Registration fees had remained level since 1996, a period of sixteen years.

Raising fees will help to cover direct and indirect expenses associated with registration such as processing and mailing registrations, labor, printing, and maintaining the online database.  

If you have questions, please feel free to contact AHS President Julie Covington, president@daylilies.org or Registration chair Rebecca Board registrationchair@daylilies.org

Listing Hemerocallis fulva as an invasive species.

Several state and agency publications and websites currently list Hemerocallis fulva as an invasive species. Due to its long life span and use in erosion control, H. fulva is often found near old home sites and along drainage ditches. The same properties that allow it to flourish in these settings with no care can also allow it to be considered invasive in certain settings where its slowly spreading habit might displace some native plants over time.

Get the full AHS Press Announcement on Hemerocallis Fulva as an invasive species.

HERE in pdf format.

© Copyright 2012-2015 by the American Hemerocallis Society, Inc.
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