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President's Welcome

Welcome to the wonderful world of daylilies! 

As the president of the American Hemerocallis Society (AHS), I am committed to helping build a community of gardeners who appreciate and celebrate the diversity and joy found among the daylilies. 

Over 500 unique daylily cultivars grow in my central Illinois suburban perennial garden, and I count thousands of friends made because I garden with the daylily.  AHS members travel tens of thousands of miles together during regional and national gatherings to visit display gardens all over the country, exchange valuable condition and culture information in person and electronically, buy the newest introductions (also in person and electronically), discover older varieties, eat great food and make wonderful memories. 

Here’s your invitation to join us! <--Just click here!

The AHS is a collective experience that makes me a better gardener and a better friend.  There is no doubt that I get back just as much as I give to AHS and I’m excited and humbled to serve as the president these next two years.  I hope you will come along with me and grab a piece of that green joy this coming year.  See this page to learn more about the AHS, and also:

If I can be of any further service to you, please email me at president@daylilies.org

Best wishes for the best blooms,

Nikki Schmith

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