Achievement Medal

The AHS Achievement is an award given in Accredited AHS Flower Shows. The exhibitor enters three scapes of the same seedling, which are then scored by a Panel of 3 Senior Exhibition Judges. For a seedling to win the AHS Achievement Medal, the total of all three judges’ averaged scores must be 90 or greater OR the average scores of two of the three judges on this panel must both be above 90. The judges do not compare scores or consult with other judges when voting for this award.

Photo By

Actively Impassive

Scott Elliott

Years of Excellence

Award Winners

Jim Murphy She Kissed the Frog Region 3 |
Justin McLeod Strange Days Indeed Region 5 |
Justin McLeod Mirror for the Sun Region 5 |
Justin McLeod Granddaddy’s Red Truck Region 5 |
Justin McLeod Drink the Stars Region 12 |
Janice Kennedy My Friend Claude Region 3 |
CJ & Virginia Gregory #G17-241A Region 12 |
CJ & Virginia Gregory #G13-137F Region 12 |
Steven Franklin Sparkling Sugar Plums Region 2 |
Scott Elliott Need a Bigger Wall Region 5 |
Scott Elliott Misty Morning Daybreak Region 5 |
Scott Elliott Maneki’s Red-Eyed Delight Region 5 |
Scott Elliott Luscious Louise Region 5 |
Scott Elliott Lovely Curls Region 5 |
Scott Elliott It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere Region 5 |
Scott Elliott Intoxicated Bayou Region 5 |
Scott Elliott Imago Senit Region 5 |
Scott Ellliott Everybody Knows Bob Region 5 |
Dominique Elliott Crepy Clown Region 5 |
Scott Ellliott Carpool Mannequin Region 5 |
Scott Elliott Assiduous Region 5 |
Dominique Elliott Robert Edward Jones Region 5 |
Dominique Elliott Molly’s Bloom Region 5 |
Dominique Elliott In Search of Bob Time Region 5 |
Dominique Elliott A Good Bob is Hard to Find Region 5 |
Going Overboard Bill Waldrop 2022
Lightning Frills Sandra Pedrick 2022
Lindsey’s Golden Pinwheel Justin McLeod 2022
Bobby Allison Justin McLeod 2022
Potting Shed Trinity’s Delight Elaine Kelley 2022
You’ll Find Room Scott Elliott 2022
Blinded Bayou Scott Elliott 2022
Purple Jeans Scott Elliott 2022
His Royal Orangeness Scott Elliott 2022
The Goldberg Variations Dominique Elliott 2022
Seas Incarnadine Dominique Elliott 2022
A Bobinable Snowman Dominique Elliott 2022
Cindy Dye 2022
William Loves Krista Justin McLeod 2021
Richard Petty Justin McLeod 2021
Forever My Girl Tim Herrington 2021
Santa’s Suspenders Heather Herrington 2021
Dragonfly Derby Heather Herrington 2021
Christmas Corsage Heather Herrington 2021
Wiggle in Her Walk Scott Elliott 2021
Who Pinched the Mayor Scott Elliott 2021
Whirling Waters Scott Elliott 2021
URAQT Scott Elliott 2021
Scape Artist Scott Elliott 2021
Quiet Roar Scott Elliott 2021
Objectively Biased Scott Elliott 2021
Not Tonight Bob Scott Elliott 2021
Neon Bob Scott Elliott 2021
Misfit Scott Elliott 2021
Micro Bob Scott Elliott 2021
Loof Myli Scott Elliott 2021
Inappropriate Lily Scott Elliott 2021
I’ll Make Room Scott Elliott 2021
Green Eggs and Bob Scott Elliott 2021
Clandestine Scott Elliott 2021
Cherry Cream Parfait Scott Elliott 2021
Buttered Kisses Scott Elliott 2021
Bobalicious Scott Elliott 2021
Beam Me Up, Spotty Scott Elliott 2021
Bambi with Gravy Scott Elliott 2021
What Happens to the Heart Dominique Elliott 2021
The Last Bolshevik Dominique Elliott 2021
My Blind Librarian Dominique Elliott 2021
Keep Breathing Dominique Elliott 2021
Bob’s Bolero Dominique Elliott 2021
Bob the Gambler Dominique Elliott 2021
A Grin Without a Cat Dominique Elliott 2021
N/A (No Shows Due to Covid) N/A 2020
A Room of One's Own Dominique Elliott 2019
Actively Impassive Scott Elliott 2019
Beauteous Scott Elliott 2019
Blanche Bond Memorial Keith Powell 2019
Bob on My Mind Dominique Elliott 2019
Boogie Woogie Bob Scott Elliott 2019
Careless Whiskers Scott Elliott 2019
Chingawa Scott Elliott 2019
Clyde Reese Robert (Bob) Reese 2019
Crunk Chile Scott Elliott 2019
Danielle Malesky James Mullins 2019
Disco Twinkies Scott Elliott 2019
Frazzled Scott Ellliott 2019
Genial Scott Elliott 2019
Grab the Inhaler Scott Elliott 2019
GroundBob Day Scott Elliott 2019
Indecent Scott Elliott 2019
Miscreant Scott Elliott 2019
Special Ops Keith Lunsford 2019
Teaspoon of Butter Scott Elliott 2019
Al Gore Rhythm Scott Elliott 2018
Au Contraire Dominique Elliott 2018
Bobarella Scott Elliott 2018
Bobbin' Along Scott Elliott 2018
Coup de Grace Dominique Elliott 2018
I Didn't Mean To Scott Elliott 2018
Long Yellow Thang Scott Elliott 2018
Nebulous Scott Elliott 2018
Officer Skinner Dominique Elliott 2018
Rhymes With Orange Scott Elliott 2018
The Sun Also Rises Dominique Elliott 2018
Tiddles Scott Elliott 2018
Wackadoodle Scott Elliott 2018
You, Me and Bob Scott Elliott 2018
Aristocratic Architecture Heather Herrington 2017
Beautyberry Jam Brian Bender 2017
Bob Along Cassidy Scott Elliott 2017
Bob on a Biscuit Scott Elliott 2017
Candy Carousel Heather Herrington 2017
Darth Ciduous Scott Elliott 2017
Discreet Scott Elliott 2017
First Time Out Cassie Graham 2017
Helen's Butter Me Up Mike Dorsey 2017
Iced Lightning Scott Elliott 2017
Janice Kennedy Tim Herrington 2017
Lone Stranger Scott Elliott 2017
Love to Joe Marohl Dominique Elliott 2017
Magical Morning Bill Waldrop 2017
Nefarious Scott Elliott 2017
Peekaboo I See You Jan Joiner 2017
Southern Wizard Mark Franklin 2017
Taco Tumi Scott Elliott 2017
Traffic Stopper Scott Elliott 2017
What Happened Scott Elliott 2017
Whirlin' Curlin' Heather Herrington 2017
867-53 Oh Nine Scott Elliott 2016
A Method to Madness Dominique Elliott 2016
Berry Nice Scott Elliott 2016
Bobby Miller L. B. Davis 2016
Bobsicle Scott Ellliott 2016
Colossal Peach Tim Bell 2016
Crinkled Sunshine Tim Bell 2016
Dietmar's Wisdom Dominique Elliott 2016
Festival of Apples Heather Herrington 2016
Go Go Curls Tim Herrington 2016
Harmony Grove Hoe Down Luther Beck 2016
Jannie Leigh Scott Elliott 2016
Jumpin' Jan Scott Elliott 2016
Lili Blume Scott Elliott 2016
Ma Petite Chanterelle Scott Ellliott 2016
Mayelle Scott Elliott 2016
Melon Drops Heather Herrington 2016
Munchkin Music Tim Herrington 2016
N. A. Shucks Scott Ellliott 2016
Psychoceramic Scott Elliott 2016
Purple Pizazz Heather Herrington 2016
Q E Three Scott Elliott 2016
Ruth Gets it Done Scott Elliott 2016
Sharon Brown Tim Bell 2016
Sharp Shootin' Abbey Ray Wensell 2016
Sparkle Britches Scott Elliott 2016
Springtime in Savannah Jan Joiner 2016
Tator Tim Scott Ellliott 2016
Tiffany's Tea Garden Heather Herrington 2016
Under the Volcano Dominique Elliott 2016
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