Scholarships Available

Bertie Ferris Youth Fund

AHS offers at least one $1,000.00 scholarship per year.

Application form…HERE.

Donations to this fund are used for publication of a youth newsletter and $1,000 scholarships for AHS youth members based on an application and selection process. A youth member is defined as under the age of 18.

The AHS Bertie Ferris Scholarship applicants must be AHS members, not more than 19 year old, with two consecutive years of AHS youth membership prior to the year the scholarship is to be awarded.  They must be graduating seniors in high school  entering college, university or technical school or a high school student participating in a dual credit program. The student’s future course of study must be in Horticulture, Botany, Plant Physiology or other plant sciences.

Years of Excellence

Award Winners

Tucker Gaby, Tennessee Region 10 2020
Christopher Monschauer, New Jersey Region 3 2014
Amanda Hotaling, Clayton, DE Region 3 2013
Stephen T. Smith, Guthrie, KY Region 10 2013
Ryan David Gossard, Ohio Region 2 2010
Patrick Collins, Georgia Region 5 2009
Arielle Christine Lucius, Ohio Region 2 2007
Corey Lucius, Ohio Region 2 2006
Melvin Tomlinson, Pennsylvania Region 3 2004
Tiffany Swann, Georgia Region 5 2003
Aaron Joiner, Georgia Region 5 2002
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