Mildred Schlumpf Photography

Given annually for the best color photograph in each of two categories: single bloom and landscape (below). Winners are chosen by committee.

Photo By

Deborah Scheckel

Photo of ‘Plum Harvest’

Single Bloom

Award Winners

Plum Harvest
(Santa Lucia, 2012) Plum Harvest Deborah Scheckel
Heavenly Sudden Impact
(Gossard, 2006) Heavenly Sudden Impact John Stahl
Purple Tarantula
(Gossard, 2011) Purple Tarantula John Stahl
Velvet Throne
(Petit, 2009) Velvet Throne Louise Taylor
Green Inferno
Green Inferno Claude Carpenter.

Award Winners

Scene from Sterrett Garden
Scene from Sterrett Garden Claude Carpenter
Blue Ridge Daylilies
Blue Ridge Daylilies Susan Okrasinski
Avon Garden, Indiana
Avon Garden, Indiana Debbi Monbeck
Carpenter Garden
Carpenter Garden Claude Carpenter
Slightly Different Nursery, Polksville, NC
Slightly Different Nursery, Polksville, NC Paul Owen
Debi Kral New York 2013
John Stahl New York 2012
Chris Petersen New York 2011
Patrick Stamile Florida 2010
Oliver Billingslea Alabama 2009
Terri Money Alabama 2008
Debbie Hurlbert Ohio 2007
Duane Hurlbert Ohio 2006
Duane Hurlbert Ohio 2005
Earl Watts Mississippi 2004
Kay Day Missouri 2003
Mary Gage Texas 2002
Oliver Billingslea Alabama 2001
Clint Barnes Oklahoma 2000
Gene Koonce Texas 1999
Gene Koonce Texas 1998

Award Winners

Christine Petersen New York 2013
Christine Petersen New York 2012
Bobbie Brooks Massechusetts 2011
Olver Billingslea Alabama 2010
Susan Okrasinski Region 10 2009
KIm Walters New Hampshire 2008
Christine Petersen New York 2007
Duane Hurlbert Ohio 2006
Kyle Billadeau Minnesota 2005
Kelly Riggs Missouri 2004
Debbie Hurlbert Ohio 2003
Barbara Watts Mississippi 2002
Oliver Billingslea Alabama 2001
Geraldine Couturier Tennessee 1999
Jerry Benser Wisconsin 1998
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