Ophelia Taylor Horticulture

AHS Region 12 has made available the Ophelia Taylor Horticulture Award (formerly a medal, now a pin) in memory of Mrs. Bright Taylor. This pin may be earned at any accredited AHS show. An exhibitor may receive this award only one time. If this award is to be offered, it must be printed in the show schedule.

Classes 1 and 2 must be judged by Senior Exhibition Judges on a special score sheet furnished by the AHS Exhibitions Chair. Upon completion of judging, the General Show Chair or Tabulations Chair must collect the score sheets from the three (3) judges, and the Tabulation Committee shall tabulate the scores. Any winning Entry must score ninety-five (95) points or above individually for each of the five (5) scapes from each of the judges.  No person who has an Entry in this section may serve on this Tabulation Committee, nor may such an exhibitor observe the score sheets or the Tabulation Form.

Each of the Ophelia Taylor Horticulture Award Judges shall sign and date the score sheet.

Upon completion of the judging and tabulation, the score sheets shall be sealed in an envelope, and they must be returned to the AHS Exhibitions Chair with the Final Show Report within 2 weeks of the show date. Scores should not be discussed with the exhibitor(s) or anyone except the Show Chair and the Tabulation Chair. The score results will not be official until they have been verified by the Exhibitions Chair or the Exhibitions committee.

The following classes will be offered:
Class 1:  five different registered cultivars
Class 2:  five different seedlings

Years of Excellence

Award Winners

Yolanda Ward Georgia 2022
Margaret Waggoner North Carolina (Region 15, Raleigh, NC DS) 2019
Nikki Schmith Illinois (Region 2, Daylily Social) 2019
Claude Carpenter Georgia (Region 5, NW Georgia DS) 2018
Tucker Gaby Tennessee (Region 10, NW Georgia DS) 2018
Jack Brock Georgia (Region 5, NW Georgia DS) 2018
CJ & Virginia Gregory Florida (Region 12, Central Florida DS) 2018
Richard Warren North Carolina (Region 15, Raleigh HS) 2018
William McLeod Georgia (Region 5, Ogeechee DS) 2018
Paulette Miller Virginia (Region 3) 2018
Robert Gaddy North Carolina (Region 15, Raleigh HS) 2018
Patty Franklin Georgia (Region 5, DS of Greater Atlanta) 2017
Bill Waldrop Georgia (Region 5) 2016
Dominique Elliott Georgia (Region 5, Ogeechee DS) 2015
James Mullins Georgia (Region 5, North Georgia DS) 2015
Ray Quinn North Carolina (Region 15, Raleigh HS) 2015
Beth Creveling Pennsylvania (Region 3, Delaware Valley DS) 2015
Jan Joiner Georgia (Reg 5, Ogeechee DS) 2014
Scott Elliott Georgia (Reg 5, Savannah DS) 2013
Mark Franklin Georgia (Reg 5, Cobb Co-Gr Atlanta DS) 2013
Tim Herrington Georgia (Reg 5, Savannah DS) 2013
Heather Herrington Georgia (Reg 5, Middle GA DS) 2013
Michael Miller Virginia (Reg 3, Richmond Area Daylily Society) 2012
Linda Sample Florida (Reg 12), Bay Area DS) 2011
Earl Watts Mississippi (Reg 14, Hattiesburg Area DS) 2010
Reba Ridaught Florida ( Reg 12, Suwannee Valley DS) 2010
Jared Bell (AHS Youth Member) Georgia (Reg 5, Valdosta Daylily Society) 2009
Kit Walter Ohio (Reg 2, Columbus Metropolitan DS) 2008
Cecil Daniels Mississippi (Reg 14, Mobile Hem. Society) 2008
Randall Preuss Mississippi (Reg 14, Hattiesburg DS) 2007
Greg Schindler Michigan (Reg 2, Southern Michigan DS) 2006
Katie Sue Herrington Georgia (Reg 5, Dublin DS) 2005
Jerome Ridaugh Florida (Reg, 12 Suwannee Valley DS) 2005
Tim Bell Georgia (Reg 5, Albany DS) 2005
Richard Henley Ohio (Reg 2, Metropolitan Columbus DS) 2005
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