Regional Service

In 1974, the AHS Board established this award for outstanding service to AHS at the regional level. An equivalent award, the International Service Award, may be awarded to an international member. Currently serving board members are not eligible. However, Serving Regional Presidents are now eligible to be nominated for these awards. (Board Motion 917, dated 10/29/2005.) Also, a person must either be living or must have been deceased for a period of 24 months at the time of nomination for the Regional Service Award. (Board motion 1025, dated 10/31/2009.)

Only one AHS Regional Service Award may be awarded per region per year. A dual award for two members of the same family counts as one award. An AHS member will only be eligible to win a Regional Service Award once. Nominations may come from any member of the nominee’s region. The AHS International Membership Chairman may also submit international nominations. Nominations must be sent to the AHS Awards & Honors Chairman by September 1st by mail or email, and must contain a summary of the nominee’s worthiness for this award. The AHS Board votes by secret ballot at the annual fall board meeting, and the award is presented at the following AHS National Convention.

Years of Excellence

Award Winners

Nan Ripley Iowa Region 1 (2017)
David and Dori Bishop Georgia Region 5 (2017)
Gail Braunstein Ohio Region 2 (2017)
Julie Covington Virginia Region 3 (2017)
Carl and Marlene Harmon New Hampshire Region 4 (2017)
Malcolm Avaritt Texas Region 5 (2016)
Lyle Dye Arizona Region 6 (2015)
Maryann Borcherding Washington Region 8 (2017)
Claire & David Werking Region 9 (2015)
Elizabeth Trotter Kentucky Region 10 (2017)
CJ and Virginia Gregory Florida Region 12 (2017)
Bob Stassen Arkansas Region 13 (2017)
Jim Chappell Region 14 (2017)
Ed Zahler South Carolina Region 15 (2017)
Sue Beck Great Britain International (2015)
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