Sarah Sikes

May be given annually for the best color sequence of events involving daylilies.
The award is a pewter bowl, awarded by Region 14 each year the award is given.

Years of Excellence

Award Winners

Hans Herrington Region 5 2022
Oliver Billingslea Region 14 2021
Ken Cobb Region 15 2020
Ken Ferguson Region 15 2019
Earl Watts Region 14 2011
Rita Buehner Region 5 2009
Thomas Adams Mississippi 2008
Lea Anne Parker Alabama 2005
Doyle Pierce Mississippi 2004
Earl Watts Mississippi 2003
Clarence Crochet Louisiana 2002
Jayme Irvin & Dennis Westbrook Colorado 1999
Eloise & Gene Koonce Texas 1998
Gene Koonce Texas 1996
Richard L. Ford Illinois 1995
Sharon Fitzpatrick Ohio 1993
Glenn & Yolanda Ward Georgia 1992
Joan Blagbrough Massachusetts 1991
Geraldine Couturier Tennessee 1989
Patricia Steinborn Missouri 1988
Patricia Steinborn Missouri 1987
Arthur Kroll Pennsylvania 1986
Arthur Kroll New Jersey 1985
Lillian Grovenstein Georgia 1984
Carl Orndorff Maryland 1983
Joyce Brook Georgia 1982
Lola Branham Virginia 1981
Jim Terry Mississippi 1979
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About Sarah Sikes

Sarah Sikes of Luverne, AL, is likely the most honored woman in AHS in terms of being recipient of all four of the Society’s major awards for both hybridizing and service. In the mid-1990’s, she was the recipient of the Bertrand Farr Silver Medal for hybridizing, the Stout Medal for ‘Neal Berrey’, and the Lenington All-American medal for ‘Designer Jeans’.

Her Windmill Gardens was famous not only for daylilies but for the dead trees with which she decorated her beds. She registered the first of her 132 cultivars starting in 1977 with full-formed pink diploids being the core of her work. She had a “Designer” series of edged tetraploids and also perfected a series of sunfast orange to brick-red tets. These garnered her 40 HM’s and 3 AM’s.

In the 1980’s she received the Helen Field Fischer Gold Medal for meritorious service. While serving two terms as an AHS director, she was both 3rd VP and later 1st VP and Regional Officers Chair.

In the 1970’s, she was Region 14’s Regional Vice President (now RP)/editor, and received the first AHS Regional Service Medal in her region. She was also was awarded the first ever Best Regional Newsletter Award.

In 1978 she initiated the Region 14 Slide Sequence Award, which currently has been renamed the Sarah Sikes Sequence Award. An award-winning photographer herself, she produced a slide program, later converted to digital, which endures to this day as an AHS program available for those who wish to learn the daylily basics.

— Courtesy of the AHS Archives

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