Tricolor Medal

A special award in the Artistic Division, given annually to an AHS member whose arrangement is judged best of the tricolor rosette winners of AHS accredited shows. Selection, by a panel of National Council of State Garden Club, Inc. judges, is made on the basis of photographs. From the award’s inception in 1958 through 1980, it was called the Mabel Yaste Tricolor Award.

Photo By

2017 Winner

Frances Thrash

Years of Excellence

Award Winners

There are so Many COlors of Daylilies
Kansas There are so Many COlors of Daylilies Carolyn Litwin
Dreams in the Darkness
Oklahoma Dreams in the Darkness Judy Grotts
The Hidden Key
Kansas The Hidden Key Floanna Crowley
Virginia Frances Thrash
The Chinese Dance
Ohio The Chinese Dance Jackie Lundberg
Virginia Sunlight Betty Ann Galway
Angles and Stars
Virginia Angles and Stars Frances Thrash
Splash Of Colors
Virginia Splash Of Colors Myrna Clark
Kansas Jess Danner
Vada de Jongh Texas 2010
Catherine Hallmark Maryland 2009
Catherine Hallmark Maryland 2008
Elaine Holmstrom Kansas 2007
Andrea Weaver Kansas 2006
Jess Danner Kansas 2005
Elaine Holmstrom Kansas 2004
Ellen Spencer Virginia 2003
David Waters Louisiana 2002
Nancy Melder Louisiana 2001
Jerome Ridaught Florida 2000
Harvey Shimek Texas 1999
John Starbuck Tennessee 1998
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