American Daylily Society Awards and Honors

Recognizing Excellence

Our society recognizes over 40 different awards categories for the daylily and the people who love them. Awards range from photography, flower shows, media, mentoring, grants, and especially awards for the greatest daylilies and daylily people around. Garden Judges and members can also vote online and nominate worthy candidates and plants to our awards system. Congratulations to the hybridizers, plants and daylily people who are past award winners in all categories!

Voting is a great benefit of American Daylily Society membership. Garden Judges can vote their annual ballots, and members can vote for the Popularity Poll.
Popularity Poll
Sharing Our Love For Daylilies

What Daylily is Popular in Your Area? As a service to its members and to the general public, each year the American Daylily Society conducts a popularity poll among its members to determine the favorite daylilies from each region. It is the hope that this Popularity Poll presents a true picture of which daylilies perform well in a given area and which are best liked by the membership. Popularity polls are important to daylily growers -- both members and nonmembers -- who make daylily selections for purchase.

Popularity Poll Recent Results and Cumulative History
Sharing Our Love For Daylilies

Awards and Honors Downloads

Spreadsheet of the 2019 Winners HERE
Cumulative Awards 1950-2019 HERE
2020 Awards Nomination form (PDF)

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