Cultivar Nominations

Please use this form to submit your nominations for each award, as listed below.


    Honorable Mention

    All cultivars must have been registered prior to 2017 (2016 or earlier). They have 3 years of eligibility.

    Specialty Awards

    Nominate only one (1) candidate for each award. All candidates must have been registered prior to 2015 (2014 or earlier). They have 5 years of eligibility.

    Donn Fisher Memorial Award

    (For cultivars under 3" diameter)

    Annie T. Giles Award

    (For cultivars 3” or larger, but less than 4 ½”)

    Ida Munson Award

    (For cultivars registered as doubles)

    Don C. Stevens Award

    (For boldly eyed or banded cultivars)

    Eugene S. Foster Award

    (For cultivars registered as Late or Very Late)

    Harris Olson Spider Award

    (On AHS list of Spider Daylilies)

    Lambert/Webster Award

    (On AHS list of Unusual Form Daylilies)

    R.W. Munson, Jr. Award

    (For distinctly patterned cultivars)

    Early Season Bloom Award

    (For cultivars registered as Early or Extra Early)

    Extra Large Diameter Bloom Award

    (For cultivars 7” or larger, but not spiders or unusual forms)

    The deadline for submissions is February 1st, 2019.

    The American Daylily Society