Band or Banded

A darker colored area just above the throat of a flower, on the petals only. If the band of color also appears on the sepals of the flowers, it is called an eye.

Note in the 3 examples below, that the upper example shows a solid color band present only on the petals not the sepals and in the two lower examples that the color pattern within the band does NOT appear on the sepals on either of the two lower examples.

Photo by Mike Huben, used with permission. Cultivar: Hemerocallis ‘Malachite Prism’ (Doorakian 1999)

Photo by Michael Brown, used with permission. Cultivar: H. ‘All American Baby’ (Stamile, G.)

Photo by Tim Fehr, used with permission. Cultivar: H. ‘Spacecoast Dream Catcher’ (Kinnebrew-J.)

See also: Eyezone

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