Region 10
123 Pin Oak Drive, Hendersonville, TN, USA
Contact: Cassie Graham
Phone: (615) 294-1228
Preferred Contact Method: Phone Call, Email
Best Time to Visit: June. Contact Cassie to find out when peak time is expected when you plan to visit
Historic Display Garden, Private Garden

More about the garden:

Cassie notes;

“When my husband, Harry and I moved into our home in 2007, I filled the front and side beds with perennials and iris.  There was a lone Snowball Viburnum just beyond our carport out back.  I created a bed around this bush that my husband called “The Piano Garden” because it was the shape of a grand piano.  It has since evolved and no longer has this shape, however, it was then that I started what has become an obsession with daylilies.

I continued with iris and perennials spread throughout but the daylilies dominate. After that, we tilled a large garden space in the middle of the back yard with the intention of it being a vegetable garden.

Well…you can get how that went…

There is only a small strip that is now used for veggies.  I’ve added smaller oval shaped gardens and beds incorporating a Red Bud and a Natchez Crape Myrtle as well as some spirea that were gifted to me. ”

Seedlings are incorporated into the main beds.  Cassie has most forms of daylilies and is continuing to see her garden evolve as she hybridizes more.

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