Cobbs Hill Daylily Garden

Region 4
Cobbs Hill Daylily Garden
1 Hillside Ave, Rochester, NY 14610, USA
Contact: Charles & Judy Zettek
Phone: (585) 461-3317 (home) or (585) 350-9973 (cell)
Preferred Contact Method: Phone Call, Email

More about the garden:

I purchased my first daylily in 1985 from the Wild catalog.  I still have it on display – it is called Royal Garnet.  I started hybridizing 1994.  I still have one seedling from my first cross, a lovely pink from was Sil Bertie Ferris X Little Heavenly Angel.  Over time, I have focused my hybridizing on little earlies and big lates – to extend the season.  I have won two Region 4 Stanley Saxton Seedling Awards, which are now registered as Cobbs Hill Jester and Cobbs Hill Delight.  These came out of my little early program.  I am just now getting some really good bigger lates that would be worth registering. We have a small less than 1/4 acre lot in the City of Rochester, which is in Zone 6. We have approximately 250 registered daylilies and approximately 100 of the top seedlings that I have kept.  I do keep bringing in a few new registered daylilies to keep up-to-date with the newest cultivars that also could be incorporated into my hybridizing program.  But, we have pretty much reached our space limits, so now we have to take plants out if we bring in new plants or I need more room for seedlings.  It’s a challenge that requires us to be disciplined so we don’t get completely overrun.

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