Fancy Fence Garden

Region 1
Fancy Fence Garden
120 6th Ave SE, Mandan, ND, USA
Contact: Gwen and Mike Brady
Phone: (701) 663-6998
Preferred Contact Method:

More about the garden:

The Brady’s have over 1200 daylilies in their Mandan, ND garden.  It is located on a busy stretch of highway that leads to Fort Lincoln, the home to General Custer before he headed to Montana. The fort that has the Custer home has been rebuilt. History buffs will relish in the chance to see the home itself, the commissary, soldiers quarters, and horse stable.  It is rich in Native American artifacts well, including where the Indian Mounds and former homes of the Lakota Sioux tribe lived.

Fancy Fence Garden has several metal sculptures that were created by Mike.  There are multiple fun daylily beds, including daylilies with political, church, and circus themes and one bed containing daylilies with the names of family members.

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