Livin' The Dream Garden

Region 6
Livin’ The Dream Garden
750 Riverside Drive, Bastrop, TX, USA
Contact: Mike Peppers
Phone: 512-774-8366
Preferred Contact Method: Phone Call, Email
Best Time to Visit: May is peak season in Bastrop; however, Mike usually has bloom mid-April to mid-June. Friday through Sunday are the the preferred days for visiting.
Private Garden

More about the garden:

Mike has had a recognized ADS Display Garden for many years in the yards of his former homes in the Houston area and in Austin, TX, and had hosted several club and regional meeting tours.  In 2020, he moved to Bastrop, TX and spent months building his new garden on his two acre property.  The garden itself is spread out on a third of an acre surrounded by a wrought iron fence to keep the deer from feasting on his hard work.

There is a very nice variety of companion plants to enhance the garden experience.  A 2,500 gallon Koi pond has recently been completed just in time for Mike to host the May 2021 Austin Daylily Society’s club meeting and garden tour.  His garden includes an impressive collection of all forms of daylilies.  Per the garden evaluator, Skottie O’Mahony, Livin’ The Dream Garden is poised to “become one of the best in the region with its beautiful setting”.

Mike says, “I have always treasured the opportunity to open my garden to daylily friends and visitors.  I think it is our responsibility to educate the public about daylilies for further awareness, and also grow our local and national organizations. “

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