We Love New Daylily Fans!

Thank you for considering a membership in the American Daylily Society.  You could join over 5,000 other fans in their love of everything hemerocallis.  For joining as a new member using this form, you will receive a copy of “The Open Form Daylily” postage-paid, along with a voucher worth at least $25 in daylilies with one of our preferred vendors.  These two gifts will be mailed separately from our Publications and Membership committees.  The gorgeous book is 232 pages with 616 full-color illustrations, softbound, and is sure to brighten your winter blues.

Aside from the gifts, your year will be filled with a quarterly issue of the Daylily Journal and a year-round connection in your Inbox and your mailbox with those in your geographic region.  You can read about more membership benefits here. If you are already a member, consider gifting this new membership, book, and voucher to a gardening friend or local garden writer.  A GIFT MEMBERSHIP and note will be sent to your gift recipient.

While international memberships are treasured and encouraged, this promotion is limited to US addresses due to the cost of postage and varied customs regulations.  Upgrades to current memberships (converting annual memberships to 3-year memberships) are eligible for this promotion.

If you have any questions before taking the plunge into an amazing daylily pool of fun, please email us here.  We are happy to answer questions and share additional daylily info with you.  In the meantime, we also have an active Facebook page and group, and a colorful Instagram to follow!


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