Bertrand Farr Silver Medal

Established in 1950 and named for an early daylily nurseryman, this medal is a distinguished honor for members who have attained outstanding results in the field of daylily hybridizing.  In general this award should honor only one person annually, but two awards have been given on occasion. The award can only be given to a single individual.  Nominations may be submitted by any AHS member to the AHS Awards & Honors Chairman by mail or email. A complete review of accomplishments should be made, including all awards, appearances on the Popularity Poll, and unusual accomplishments. Nominations are due by September 1st for the upcoming year.  The AHS Board votes by secret ballot at the annual fall board meeting, and the award is presented at the following AHS National Convention.

Years of Excellence

Award Winners

Jim Murphy Virginia 2018
Dottie Warrell Ohio 2017
John Kinnebrew, Jr. Florida 2016
Jack Temple Florida 2015
Tim Herrington Georgia 2014
Margo Reed Virginia 2013
Grace Stamile Califormia 2012
Clayton Burkey Pennsylvania 2011
Dan Trimmer Florida 2010
Jan Joiner Georgia 2009
Mr. Jack Carpenter Texas 2008
Mr. Ned Roberts Colorado 2007
Dr. Darrel Apps New Jersey 2006
Dr. Charles E. Branch Illinois 2005
Edwin C. Brown Florida 2004
Jeff Salter Florida 2003
Curt Hanson Ohio 2002
David Talbott Florida 2002
Elizabeth Hudson Salter Florida 2001
Morton L. Morss Florida 2000
Ra Hansen Florida 1999
Clarence J. Crochet Louisiana 1998
Patrick Stamile Florida 1997
Sarah Sikes Alabama 1996
Lee E. Gates Louisiana 1995
Kate Carpenter North Carolina 1994
Enman R. Joiner Georgia 1993
Steve Moldovan Ohio 1992
Bryant Millikan Indiana 1991
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