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Honorable Mention

Established in 1950, this award is the first official “stamp of approval” by the AHS, where good performance goes beyond the regional level.

To win, a cultivar must receive a minimum of fifteen votes (starting in 2010, twenty votes will be required to achieve the HM).   These votes must come from no fewer than four different AHS regions.   In voting for this award, Garden Judges must cast their votes only for cultivars observed in their own region.   Cultivars are nominated for the Honorable Mention by their hybridizers.   To be eligible it must have been registered for at least three calendar years.   The Awards & Honors Committee may also nominate a maximum of ten cultivars each year that have been previously overlooked.   Hybridizers may nominate a cultivar a maximum of three times, though not necessarily in consecutive years.   After its third nomination, a cultivar cannot be nominated by the hybridizer.

2017 Honorable Mention

Award Winners

Isabelle Rose (Laprise) 72
One Eye Willie (Herrington-T.) 70
Thomas Tew (Stamile) 66
Tidewater Elf (Holmes-S.) 62
Toy Trumpets (Sobek) 62
Barcode (Stamile) 59
Big Birds Friend (Gossard) 52
Hotlanta (Waldrop) 52
Rolling Raven (Stamile) 50
Gryphon Hankow Legacy (Stelter) 48
Cinderella's Darkside (Apps) 40
Emma's Curls (Falck-J.) 39
Asheville Sunlit Rainbow (Selman) 38
Humungousaur (Gossard) 35
O'Bannon Orchid (Williams-S.) 32
Big Fuss (Joiner-J.) 31
Flaming Flamingo (Laprise) 31
Browns Ferry Firecracker (Laprise) 29
Irish Royalty (Waldrop) 29
Depends on the Whether (Elliot-S.) 28
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