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2018 Honorable Mention

Established in 1950, this award is the first official “stamp of approval” by the AHS, where good performance goes beyond the regional level.

To win, a cultivar must receive a minimum of fifteen votes (starting in 2010, twenty votes will be required to achieve the HM).   These votes must come from no fewer than four different AHS regions.   In voting for this award, Garden Judges must cast their votes only for cultivars observed in their own region.   Cultivars are nominated for the Honorable Mention by their hybridizers.   To be eligible it must have been registered for at least three calendar years.   The Awards & Honors Committee may also nominate a maximum of ten cultivars each year that have been previously overlooked.   Hybridizers may nominate a cultivar a maximum of three times, though not necessarily in consecutive years.   After its third nomination, a cultivar cannot be nominated by the hybridizer.

2018 Honorable Mention with Photos of Top 20%

Award Winners

Tim Herrington
111 Votes
(Elliott, S) Tim Herrington Photo by: Claude Carpenter
Explosion In The Paint Factory
106 Votes
(Howard, R) Explosion In The Paint Factory Photo by: Rich Howard
Boss Hogg
82 Votes
(Douglas, H) Boss Hogg Photo by: Claude Carpenter
Opa Klaus
55 Votes
(Waldrip, B) Opa Klaus Photo by: Claude Carpenter
Asheville White Winged Dove
55 Votes
(Selman, B) Asheville White Winged Dove Photo by: Julie Covington
Jen Melon
49 Votes
(Oakes) Jen Melon Photo by: Debbie Monbeck
Dragonfly Dawn
44 Votes
(Trimmer, J) Dragonfly Dawn Photo by: Claude Carpenter
Cameroons Twister
42 Votes
(Benz) Cameroons Twister Photo by: Julie Covington
Wayne and Coral's Love
39 Votes
(Netherton, J) Wayne and Coral's Love Photo by: Claude Carpenter
Blazing Lamp Sticks
38 Votes
(Gossard, J) Blazing Lamp Sticks Photo by Julie Covington
 Flying Purple People Eater
38 Votes
(Holmes, S) Flying Purple People Eater Photo by: Debbie Monbeck
 Jared Timothy Bell
37 Votes
(Bell, T) Jared Timothy Bell Photo by: Tim Bell
 Judy's Penthouse Double
37 Votes
(Schwarz, B) Judy's Penthouse Double
 Rachael Leigh Bell
36 Votes
(Bell, T) Rachael Leigh Bell Photo by Claude Carpenter
 Sir Francis Drake
35 Votes
(Stamile, P) Sir Francis Drake Photo by: Debbie Monbeck
 Yankee Pinstripes
35 Votes
(Howard, R) Yankee Pinstripes Photo by: Richard Howard
 Little Alabama
34 Votes
(Stamile, G-Pierce) Little Alabama Photo by: G. Pierce
 Wild and Free
31 Votes
(Stamile, P) Wild and Free Photo by: Debbie Monbeck
Tim Herrington (Elliott, S) 111
Explosion In The Paint Factory (Howard, R) 106
Boss Hogg (Douglas, H) 82
Asheville White Winged Dove (Selman, B) 55
Opa Klaus (Wadrop, B) 55
Jen Melon Oakes 49
Dragonfly Dawn (Trimmer, J) 44
Cameroons Twister (Bentz) 42
Wayne and Coral's Love (Netherton, J) 39
Blazing Lamp Sticks (Gossard, J) 38
Flying Purple People Eater (Holmes, S) 37
Jared Timothy Bell (Bell, T) 37
Judy's Penthouse Double (Schwarz, B) 37
Rachael Leigh Bell (Bell, T) 36
Sir Francis Drake (Stamile, P) 35
Yankee Pinstripes (Howard, R) 35
Little Alabama (Stamile, G-Pierce) 34
Wild and Free (Stamile, P) 31
Lillian's Legends and Lies (Manning) 30
Baby Viking (Albers) 28
Don't Leave Empty-Handed (Selman, B) 28
Midnight in Burgess (Albers) 28
Wisteria (Dekerlegand) 28
Barbara Nickel (Holmes, S) 26
Little Donny Darko (Cochenour) 26
Pawprints On My Heart (Howard, R) 26
Fin and Feather (Bumgardner) 25
Big Honking Bahama Richie (Jones, L) 24
Carolina Cool Down (Davisson-J) 24
Lillian's Rainbow At Dawn (Manning) 24
Lord of Autumn (Marvin) 24
Dan Bachman (Polston) 23
Girly Q (Herr, D) 23
Kennesaw Crossfire (Waldrip, B) 23
Passive Aggressive (Owen, P) 23
Wanda Evans (Holmes, S) 23
Winning Praise (Netherton, J) 23
Smiling Cobra (Pierce, G) 22
Stop The Car (Gossard, J) 22
A Day In Paradise (Owen, P) 21
Bernie's Fault (Williams, S) 21
Cynthia Lucius (Douglas, C) 21
End of The Tunnel (Williams, S) 21
I'm Gonna Love You Through It (Douglas, H) 21
Lillian's John Falck (Manning) 21
Dancing On Ice (Douglas, H) 20
Driving Miss Henrietta (Bell, T) 20
Redheaded Hussy (Davisson-J) 20
Riot Act (Owen, P) 20
Spacecoast Lemon Whiskers (Kinnebrew) 20
Womanizer (Douglas, H) 20
Baton Rouge National (Goudeau) 19
Come Down O Love Divine (Bouman) 19
Memories of Treva (Eller, N) 19
Mexican Elvis (Trimmer, D) 19
Voila Francois (Stamile, P) 19
You Glow Girl (Selman, B) 19
Garrett Allen (Douglas, C) 18
Goosecreek Bill and Barbara (Albers) 18
Hell Hath No Fury (Bachman) 18
MeMe's Tuitti Fruitti (Douglas, H) 18
Star of Kryptonite (Polston) 18
War Horse (Gossard, J) 18
Bird Bath Pink (Webster) 17
Broadway Diva (Stamile, G) 17
Lemon Drop Lillipops (Polston) 17
Love God's Way (Bell, T) 17
Shinning Mission (Netherton, J) 17
Vampire Fish (Gossard, J) 17
Wrestling With Angels Emmerich, K 17
Burnin' Down The House (Owen, P) 16
Dancing Gypsies (Herr, D) 16
Gorilla In The Mist (Owen, P) 16
Little Trooper (Stamile, G) 16
Maleficent (Owen, P) 16
Threshold of A Dream (Owen, P) 16
Better Lucky Than Good (Goudeau) 15
Born To Be Wild (Pierce, G) 15
Claire Fontenot (Goudeau) 15
Defying Serenity (Eller, N) 15
Green Eggs and Ham (Goudeau) 15
Green Spill (Millikan, B) 15
MeMe's Lovin' The Limelight (Douglas, H) 15
Overflowing Heart (Emmerich, K) 15
Snowboarding (Reed, M) 15
Static Shock (Gossard, J) 15
Van Helsing (Polston) 15
Whats Up Down South (Davisson, J) 15
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