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Ned Roberts Spider / Unusual Form Award

This award, established in 2007 and first awarded in 2008, is to honor the memory of hybridizer, Ned Roberts. Ned worked tirelessly to promote these daylily forms, acting as an educator and mentor for both collectors and hybridizers.  The award is to be given annually at the AHS National Convention for the most outstanding Spider or Unusual Form cultivar blooming in a clump in a convention tour garden, as voted by attending AHS members.  The hybridizer of the winning cultivar will receive a certificate and a perpetual trophy, which is an engraved Nambe tray donated by the family of the late Ned Roberts.  Region 9 administers this award, including counting ballots, presenting the award, and arranging transportation.

Ned Roberts Spider / Unusual Form

Award Winners

Mean Green
67 Votes
(Davisson-J.) Mean Green Runner-Up: Isabelle Rose (Laprise)
Pumpkin Britches
162 Votes
(Simpson-E) Pumpkin Britches Runner Up: Celebrating Gold (Murphy-JP)
Firefly Frenzy
30 Votes
(Joiner-J) Firefly Frenzy Runner Up 'Suburban Coach Burnham'
Jazz At The Wool Club
25 Votes
(Bachman) Jazz At The Wool Club Runner Up: 'Aliens In The Garden' (Gossard-J)
Breathing In Snowflakes
(Douglas-H.) Breathing In Snowflakes Runner Up: 'Catawampus' (Jeffcoat)
Banana Smoothie
28 Votes
(George-T.) Banana Smoothie Runner Up: 'I Lava You' (Holmes-S., 2009) 24 votes
Walt Lowry
39 Votes
(Holmes, S.) Walt Lowry Runner Up: 'Webster's Pink Wonder' (Webster-Cobb, 2003) 32 votes
Green Inferno
39 Votes
(Gossard) Green Inferno Runner Up: 'Lemon Curls' (Waldrop-D., 2009) 23 votes
Dances With Giraffes
40 Votes
(Reed) Dances With Giraffes Runner Up: MAGIC OF OZ (Herrington-H., 1995) 28 votes
Scarlet Pimpernel
38 Votes
(Ripley) Scarlet Pimpernel Runner Up: POULTRY IN MOTION (Bachman, 2009) 35 votes
White Eyes Pink Dragon
26 Votes
(Gossard) White Eyes Pink Dragon Runner Up: Thin Man (Trimmer) 17 votes
B.J. McMillen
26 Votes
(Bachman) B.J. McMillen Runner Up: Thin Man (Trimmer) 17 votes
Licorice Twist
64 Votes
(N. Roberts) Licorice Twist Runner Up: 'Carolyn's Curls' (D. Herr '08) 27 votes
June Williams Memorial
122 Votes
(J. Kinnebrew) June Williams Memorial Runner Up: 'Spaarks Dancing With The Stars' (Taunton 09) 84 votes
31 Votes
(Jane Trimme) Tusk Runner Up: ' Red Wine Romance' ( J. Kinnebrew 08) -16 votes
Debary Canary
88 Votes
(Stamile) Debary Canary Runner Up: 'Kiva Dancer' (N. Roberts 2004) 39 votes
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