Pinched, twisted, or quilled floral segments

Pinched Crispates:

Definition: floral segments which have sharp folds giving a pinched or folded effect. See below for pinched crispate illustration.

Twisted Crispates

Definition: floral segments which present a corkscrew or pinwheel effect. See below for twisted crispate illustration.

H. ‘Godwin’s Glory’’ (Elliott-S., 2014)
Photo by Scott Elliott

Quilled Crispates

Definition: floral segments which turn upon themselves along their length to form a tubular shape. See below for quilled crispate illustration. (Although not registered as quilled, H. ‘Arms Reaching Out’ typically illustrates this form on its sepals)

For garden judges, the UF multiforms are eligible for the Lambert/Webster award.

For exhibition judges, the multiforms shown here are all exhibited in Section 5, Doubles. Exhibition judges should see Multiform Classification for further information.

See Also: Unusual Form, Cascade, and Spatulate

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