Nonni's Daylily Garden

Region 5
Nonni’s Daylily Garden
549 Kendricks Road, Brooklet, GA 30415, USA
Contact: Karen and Fred Cotton
Phone: 912-660-7629
Preferred Contact Method: Phone Call, Email
Best Time to Visit: May is peak bloom season
Children Are Welcome, Appointment Necessary, Mostly Flat Terrain, Large Garden (more than an acre), Features Other Plant Collections, Themed Garden Beds (ex.: Stout Medal Collection, Lenington Collection, Science Fiction Theme, Wizard of Oz theme, etc.), Private Garden

More about the garden:

The two acre country garden is home to more than 900 registered daylilies in a wide variety of forms and colors.  Karen is forever creating a new theme bed.  As of 2022, she has flowerbeds with the following themes that are displayed on pretty personalized metal signs;

Oz                                           Cajun Louisiana
Christmas                             “Bob” (all have “Bob” in the name)
Georgia                                  MASH
Gentleman and Lady          Country Music (including Elvis)

There is a goldfish pond with Gerbera Daisies around the periphery, as well as a large pond surrounded by drift roses and a Cabana.  There are multiple fruit bearing trees and vines on the property, and the Cotton’s also find time to take care of a considerable sized veggie garden.

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