established in 2005

Early Season Bloom

This award recognizes outstanding early season blooming daylilies. To be eligible, a cultivar must be registered as early (E) or extra early (EE), and have been registered a minimum of five years prior to balloting. Garden Judges must vote only for cultivars observed in their own region or in AHS National Convention tour gardens. The winner shall be the cultivar receiving the most votes of the garden judges. The hybridizer receives a bronze medal.



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Early Season Bloom

Award Winners

Darth Ciduous
42 Votes
(Elliott-S., 2017) Darth Ciduous Runner up: Dutch Yellow Truffle (Kirchhoff-D., 2003) 34 votes)
31 Votes
(Stamile) Barcode Runner up: Pawprints on My Heart (Howard-R, 2011) 29 Votes
Wildman George
63 Votes
(Elliott-S) Wildman George Runner up: Pawprints on My Heart (Howard-R, 2011) 34 Votes
Little Lemon Twist
83 Votes
(Cochenour) Little Lemon Twist Runner up: 'Heavenly Orange Blaze' (Gossard) 58 Votes
Lil' Black Buds
88 Votes
(Begnaud) Lil' Black Buds Runner up: Little Lemon Twist) 'Cochenour' 54 Votes
Madeline Nettles Eyes
40 Votes
(Kinnebrew-J.) Madeline Nettles Eyes Runner up: 'Little Lemon Twist' (Cochenour) 39 votes
Everybody Loves Earnest
68 Votes
(Herrington, T.) Everybody Loves Earnest Runner up: 'Heavenly Orange Blaze' (Gossard) 43 votes
Itsy Bitsy Spider
141 Votes
(Bishop, H.) Itsy Bitsy Spider Runner up: 'Everybody Loves Earnest' (Herrington, T.) 77 votes
Jelly Filled Donut
80 Votes
(Eller, N.) Jelly Filled Donut Runner up: 'Dutch Yellow Truffle' (Kirchhoff, D.) 52 votes
Free Wheelin'
132 Votes
(Stamile, P.) Free Wheelin' Runner up: 'Amanda's Little Red Shoes' (Eller, N.) 76 votes
Coyote Moon
181 Votes
(Kirchhoff, D.) Coyote Moon Runner up:' Amanda's Little Red Shoes' (Eller-N.) 90 votes
Julie Newmar
181 Votes
(Morss, M.) Julie Newmar Runner up: 'Coyote Moon' (Kirchhoff, D..) 112 votes
Egyptian Queen
82 Votes
(Trimmer, D.) Egyptian Queen Runner up:' Amanda's Little Red Shoes' (Eller-N.) 77 votes
Dragon King
113 Votes
(Kirchhoff, D.) Dragon King Runner up: EGYPTIAN QUEEN (Trimmer) 65 votes
Betty Ford
85 Votes
(Kirchhoff, D.) Betty Ford Runner up: EGYPTIAN QUEEN (Trimmer) 78 votes
Jerry Pate Williams
153 Votes
(Kirchhoff, D.) Jerry Pate Williams Runner up: MY DARLING CLEMENTINE (Salter) 105 votes
Web Of Intrigue
109 Votes
(Stamile) Web Of Intrigue Runner up: JERRY PATE WILLIAMS 108 votes
Wild Horses
109 Votes
(Trimmer) Wild Horses Runner up: JERRY PATE WILLIAMS 108 votes
Barbara Dittmer
144 Votes
(MORSS, M.) Barbara Dittmer Runner up: MY DARLING CLEMENTINE 99 votes
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