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There is a Youth Group on the AHS members only Portal. http://www.daylilynetwork.org It is for youth members only. To participate, you must sign on to the Portal with your membership number and password. If you have any problem signing on, contact the Youth Chairperson. Although the group is monitored, parents are ultimately responsible for their youngster’s internet activities.


Christine Stamile Youth Award

AHS Youth Scholarship Guidelines

Youth Involvement Presentation


Kathy D’Alessandro is the current AHS Youth Chairperson, youth@daylilies.org

There is a Youth Group on the AHS members only Portal. http://www.daylilynetwork.org  It is for youth members only.  To participate, you must sign on to the Portal with your membership number and password.  If you have any problem signing on, contact the Youth Chairperson. Although the group is monitored, parents are ultimately responsible for their youngster’s internet activities.

The Youth News is a newsletter for AHS youth members.  It is issued two times per year; spring/summer and fall/winter.  If you do not receive your copies, please contact the Youth Chairperson.

There is a presentation about daylilies and youth that you can download and show to youth groups – you may download a copy here.


Christine Erin Stamile Youth Awards

Established in 1996, the Christine Erin Stamile Youth Award was initiated by Patrick and Grace Stamile to honor the memory of their daughter Christine. She was a Life Member of the AHS who once expressed the thought that a Life Membership gives, to its holder, daylilies for that person’s “whole life.” In keeping with this thought, the award presently funds one Life Membership in the AHS each year to a qualified AHS Youth Member.

The rules of eligibility and application are as follows: Applicant must be an AHS youth member and must have held AHS youth status for two consecutive years prior the year the application is being submitted. The applicant must grow and maintain a personal collection of daylilies; no minimum number of cultivars is required.

The applicant must submit the following material:
  1. An essay of any length, in the Youth Member’s own words, explaining how the collection began.
  2. A statement, in the Youth Member’s own words, telling of the personal enjoyment of growing daylilies.
  3. Ten photographs from the Youth Member’s own collection. These photographs must include:
    • one example of an individual bloom.
    • one example of a clump.
    • one example of a garden view which includes a part of the Youth Member’s collection.

The remaining photographs may be of the Youth Member’s own choosing. Instructions for applying are published in the Winter issue of The Daylily Journal and the fall/winter issue of the Youth News newsletter. All material (essay, statement, and photographs) should be mailed or e-mailed to the current AHS Youth Committee Chairman, between January 1 and March 31 of the year in which the award selection will be announced. If requested, all material will be returned upon completion of the judging. The AHS Youth Committee members will evaluate the entries and select the winning applicant by vote. The winner will be notified and the award will be presented at the AHS National Convention.

The Christine Erin Stamile Youth Award Winners may be found in THIS page.


AHS Bertie Ferris Scholarship Guidelines

  1. A $1,000.00 scholarship will be awarded annually with the exception of two $1,000.00 scholarships being offered if there was no recipient the previous year.
  2. Applicant must be an AHS youth member or an AHS member not more than 19 years old. In either case, the applicant must have held AHS youth status for two consecutive years prior the year the application is being submitted.
  3. Applicant must be one of the following: a) Graduating senior in high school entering college, university or technical school.  b) High school student enrolled in a dual credit program.
  4. The student’s future course of studies must be in Horticulture, Botany, Plant Physiology or other plant sciences.
  5. The applicant is required to write a letter giving the reason for applying for the scholarship and include the applicant’s future plans.
  6. Applicant must submit the completed application and letter, by mail or email, to the Youth Committee chairman between January 1 and March 31 of the year the scholarship is to be awarded.
  7. Applicant’s membership will be verified by the Youth Chair and the AHS Youth Committee will review the applications and vote for the winning candidate(s).
  8. The names of the winner(s) will be announced at the National Convention and published in The Daylily Journal and the Youth News.
  9. Money will be sent directly to the winner’s college, university or technical school.


Contact the AHS Youth Chairman if you need more information or have questions:

Committee Chair
Region 3
2076 Silo Lane, East Greenville, PA 18041, USA
(215) 679-8910
Chair of the Following Committee(s):
Member of the Following Committee(s):
Membership, Youth
Regional Office(s):
Local Club Leadership Positions:

Click here to get the AHS Youth Scholarship Form in .pdf format

The Bertie Ferris Scholarship recipients may be found on THIS page.


AHS Guidelines for Clubs and Individuals to Interest Youth in Daylilies

This information is also available here in .pdf format.

For suggested youth activities, view the AHS Portal’s ‘Youth Activities’ page. The link to the page is located in the drop down menu of the “AHS Files” tab on the Portal’s navigation bar. You must be signed onto the Portal to view the page.

  1. Assign a mentor to your youth members. Mom or dad may be involved in daylilies, but asking another club person to be a mentor would reinforce the daylily connection.
  2. Clubs could invite a youth group (4-H, Scout etc.) to participate in a club function. One club invited a Brownies Troop to help at the annual plant sale. It was a positive experience for both. The members loved the young children. In turn the children had a good time. They learned about daylilies and each received a cultivar. The leftover plants from the sale were given to the troop to plant at their meeting place. The girls also earned a plant badge for their effort.
  3. A club could pay the AHS membership dues for a youth interested in daylilies. The cost is only $10.
  4. Clubs could sponsor a youth to a Regional Meeting or to the AHS National Convention by covering the youth registration fee.
  5. In order to encourage youth members to attend Regional Meetings and AHS Conventions, sponsoring clubs could offer reduced fees.
  6. At Regional Meetings and AHS National Conventions, have all the youth members ride a bus together. Encourage youth members to serve as bus captains. At the banquet have a table(s) reserved just for them and their parents if space permits.
  7. If a club can, subsidize or offer free of charge, trips, meals etc. to the youth members when they attend the club’s functions.
  8. Depending on the number of youths attending your meeting, special activities just for them can be initiated. The activity would depend on the age of the youths.
  9. During plant sales and auctions, the youths make excellent spotters and runners.
  10. Ask a youth to write for your newsletter. A youth member could be assigned a garden for the Regional Meeting report, or he could write about a local garden visit. See that a youth in your region is made Junior Editor of the regional newsletter.
  11. Include articles and pictures about the youth members in your local club newsletter and the regional newsletter.
  12. Have an auction only for the youths. Give them daylily dollars. Solicit good plants (plants of value) beforehand from your club members.
  13. Encourage the youths to take Garden Judge Workshops and Exhibition Judge Clinics and cover the fees.
  14. Encourage youth members to participate in an AHS show. Show them how to groom their daylilies.
  15. Visit the youth members’ gardens. They, too, are proud to grow daylilies and share their gardens.
  16. Look around your community. If your club can afford it, establish a scholarship(s) for youths involved in horticulture.
  17. Buy an AHS membership for a school offering a horticulture program.
  18. Contact and work with your region Youth Liaison in devising projects for the youths at regional meetings.
  19. Clubs and individuals can make contributions to the AHS Youth General Fund. This fund is used to give scholarships to AHS Youth members. Instructions for applying for the AHS Bertie Ferris Youth Scholarship are on the AHS Web Page under Youth Page, in the Winter issue of The Daylily Journal, and in the Fall/Winter issue of Youth News, the AHS publication for youth members.
  20. If youth members visit your garden, give them a daylily to take home.
  21. Contribute to the Christine Erin Stamile Youth Fund. It provides one AHS Life Membership to a youth. See guidelines on how to apply in the Judging Daylily Handbook, Section A: Chapter A1-Personal Awards (A1-3), the Winter issue of The Daylily Journal, and in the Fall/Winter issue of Youth News.
  22. Make up special goody bags for youth members who attend regional meetings. Include a disposable camera, candies, a pen and pad, a key chain, visor, etc.
  23. Share your daylily journals, your catalogues, your regional newsletter, and other pertinent material with a youth.
  24. Help a youth “build” a daylily bed, hybridize, gather seeds, grow seedlings, etc.
  25. Take the youth with you on visits to daylily gardens.
  26. Be creative. Science projects, for example, are a great way to introduce youth to daylilies.
  27. Remember to capture all those wonderful images of youth participation.
  28. Contact the AHS Youth Chair and the Editor to disseminate information on the national level. Names of all AHS officers, staff, and special chairs can be found in all issues of The Daylily Journal.
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