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The Daylily Journal is the quarterly publication of the American Daylily Society. It is crafted with information and photographs for every level of daylily enthusiast, from beginners to hybridizers! A subscription to The Daylily Journal is included with each membership. Below are just a few sample pages of the beautiful photography and thoughtful writing that fill the pages each quarter of our beautiful magazine.  Members enjoy four issues each year, PLUS access to our online, indexed archive via our Members Portal of over 50 years of back issues, too! Past issues of the Journal can be purchased, and a sample copy can be downloaded below.

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Sample Pages of the Daylily Journal

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Advertising Sales Manager, Executive Editor, The Daylily Journal
Region 4
40 Bayberry Drive Unit #4, Sharon, MA 02067, USA
(781) 249-0222
Chair of the Following Committee(s):
The Daylily Journal Editorial Board, The Daylily Journal Proofreaders
Member of the Following Committee(s):
Marketing, Publications, Registration Name Review, The Daylily Journal Editorial Board, The Daylily Journal Proofreaders
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Deadline Schedule for The Daylily Journal (see editor for changes or updates.)

Fall Winter Spring
Editorial Deadline: stories to Editor April 15th July 15th Oct. 15th Jan. 15th
Ad Deadline May 1st August 1st Nov. 1st Feb. 1st
Mailed 3rd Class June 10th Sept. 10th Dec. 10th March 10th

Your story suggestions and advertisements are welcome.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed by contributors to The Daylily Journal are solely those of the individual writers and do not necessarily reflect those of the editor, the members of the board of directors, or the American Daylily Society. Advertising is published as a service to its members, but the American Daylily Society cannot be responsible for the quality of plants, services, or supplies received, nor for expressed or implied guarantees.

Please contact the Executive Editor for more information and support:
Adele Keohan, (781) 249-0222,

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