What is the American Daylily Society?

Founded in '46

The American Daylily Society (also known as the American Hemerocallis Society, Inc.) is a non-profit service organization dedicated to educating people about daylilies, promoting the cultivation and enjoyment of daylilies, and fostering the on-going improvement of this perennial flower (genus hemerocallis). Our membership includes over 5,000 avid gardeners and daylily enthusiasts from all over the world.

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Our Mission

The American Daylily Society exists to educate people about daylilies, promote the cultivation and enjoyment of daylilies and foster the on-going improvement of this perennial flower (genus hemerocallis). We accomplish this mission through the dedicated efforts of all our volunteers, members, local clubs and staff who are committed to the continuous improvement of our efforts to build support for the cultivation and appreciation of daylilies.

We hope you might find some inspiration here and decide to join us on a fun gardening journey as a member.  Click the JOIN US button at the top right of every page if you are interested in learning more.

Officers, Staff, & Chairs

Our Leadership

Officers Directors Staff Chairmen Committees
Vice President
Chief Financial Officer
Region 1
2024 - 1st Term
Region 2
2025 - 2nd term (appointed)
Region 7
2023 - 1st Term (appointed)
Region 8
2024 - 1st Term (appointed)
Region 9
2024 - 1st Term (appointed)
Region 10
2024 - 1st Term
Region 11
2024 - 1st Term
Region 13
2024 - 1st Term
Region 14
2025 - 2nd Term
Region 15
2023 - 1st term
Publication Services Manager
Advertising Sales Manager, Executive Editor, The Daylily Journal
General Counsel, Parlimentarian
Committee Chair, Registrar
Committee Chair, Treasurer
Archives and History
Awards and Honors
Display Gardens
Daylily Ambassadors
Education Outreach
Exhibition Judges
Garden Judges Expediter
Garden Judges Records
International Membership
Judges Education
Local Club Facilitation
Long Range Planning
Newsletter Awards
Policies and Procedures
Regional Officers
Registration Data Collection
Registration Image Collection
Registration Name Review
Registration Policy Advisory
Round Robins
Scientific Studies
The Daylily Journal Editorial Board
The Daylily Journal Proofreaders
Video and Photographic Awards
Awards and Honors
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Display Gardens
Chair: Sue Hill
Committee Members:

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Committee Members:

Exhibition Judges
Garden Judges Expediter
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