What is the American Daylily Society?

Founded in '46

The American Daylily Society (also known as the American Hemerocallis Society, Inc. ) is a non-profit service organization dedicated to educating people about daylilies, promoting the cultivation and enjoyment of daylilies, and fostering the on-going improvement of this perennial flower (genus hemerocallis). Our membership includes over 5,000 avid gardeners and daylily enthusiasts from all over the world.

Our Mission

The American Daylily Society exists to educate people about daylilies, promote the cultivation and enjoyment of daylilies and foster the on-going improvement of this perennial flower (genus hemerocallis). We accomplish this mission through the dedicated efforts of all our volunteers, members, local clubs and staff who are committed to the continuous improvement of our efforts to build support for the cultivation and appreciation of daylilies.

We hope you might find some inspiration here and decide to join us on a fun gardening journey as a member.  Click the JOIN US button at the top right of every page if you are interested in learning more.

Officers, Staff, & Chairs

Our Leadership

Officers Directors Staff Chairmen Committee
Judie Branson President

2301 Woodland Avenue,

Springdale, AR  72762 

(479) 841-6173


Scott Elliot Vice President

658 Edward Smith Road,
Ellabell, GA  31308
(912) 596-7252

Lois Hart CFO

P.O. Box 100
Louisburg, KS 66053-0100

Kris Henning Garden Judges Records

Region 1:

22163 Spirit Lake Road East
Frederic, WI  54837
(715) 431-0249
2018 – 1st term (appointed)

Nikki Schmith Technology

Region 2:

424 Pheasant Court
Worden, IL  62097
(248) 739-9006
2019 – 2nd term

Kathleen Schloeder Endowments

Region 3:

2501 St. John Place
Alexandria, VA  22311
2018 – first term

Russ Allen Marketing

Region 4:

18 Point Arrowhead Road
Guilford, CT  06437
(203) 457-0121
2020 – 1st term

Scott Elliott Vice President & Judges’ Education

Region 5:

658 Edward Smith Road,
Ellabell, GA  31308
(912) 596-7252
2020 – 1st term

David Freshour Membership

Region 6:

53 Lavender Court,
Lake Jackson, TX  77566
(979) 285-9664
2019 – 1st term (appointed)

Nancy Harvey Newsletter Awards

Region 7:

5009 Laurel Drive
Concord, CA 94521-1447
(925) 825-5076

Marcia Zech Long Range Planning

Region 8:

3041 60th Avenue S.E.
Mercer Island, WA 98040
206-232-9838   (CP) (206) 920-3215
2018 – 2nd term

Betty Roberts

Region 9:

9055 Melbourne Drive
Colorado Springs, CO 80920-7713
2018- 2nd term

Mary Ann Duncan Exhibitions

Region 10:

2885 Graig Ct
Lexington, KY 40503-2805
(859) 277-6446
2018 – 1st Term (appointed)

Lois Hart CFO & Publications

Region 11:

P.O. Box 100
Louisburg, KS 66053-0100
(913) 837-5209
2018 – 2nd Term

Opal F. Howell Regional Officers

Region 12:

926 Rosemary Terrace,
Tallahassee, FL  32303-3909
(850) 386-1076
2019 – 1st term (appointed)

Judie Branson President

Region 13:

301 Woodland Avenue,
Springdale, AR  72762
(479) 841-6173
2019 – 1st term

Debbie Smith

Region 14:

10175 Tom Waller Rd
Grand Bay, AL  36541
(251) 957-0066
2020 – 1st Term (appointed)

Becky Hinshaw Registration

Region 15:

2166 Pleasant Hill Liberty Road
Liberty, NC  27298
(336) 460-1253
2020 – 1st term

Meg McKenzie Ryan Executive Editor, The Daylily Journal and Advertising Sales Manager (Publications)

1936 Wensley Avenue
El Centro, CA  92243
(760) 235-8243; (760) 337-2139-Fax

Beverly Winkelman Membership Manager (Membership)

17101 Herridge Road
Pearland, TX 77584
(832) 284-1910  (832) 284-1910

Bret Clement Parliamentarian, General Counsel (President)

13816 Laredo Drive
Carmel, IN 46032
(317) 438-0508

Kathy Pinkas Publication Services Manager (Publications)

3933 State Route 162
Granite City, IL 62040-6604
(618) 304-5907

Elizabeth Trotter Registrar (Registrations)

421 Mt Gilead Road
Georgetown, KY  40324-8936
(502) 857-8600

Kyle Billadeau Treasurer (Finance)

2916 Spy Glass Drive
Chaska, MN  55318-1183
(612) 298-5607

Jacob Braun Technology - Webmaster

5307 N Hamilton Rd
Peoria, IL  61614
(309) 550-5342

Ken Cobb AHS Archives and History Committee (President)

7301 Grist Mill Road
Raleigh, NC 27615
(919) 847-0820

Claude Carpenter Awards and Honors

6075 Vickery Pt.
Cumming, GA 30040
(678) 469-4731

Eddie Raye Andrews Conventions (Long Range Planning)

P. O. Box 167
Waller, TX  77484
(936) 931-3846

Melodye Campbell Display Gardens and Daylily Cities (Marketing)

21 Ambleside Drive
Fairport, NY  14450-3212
(585) 749-7433

Kathleen Schloeder Endowments (Finance)

2501 St. John Place
Alexandria, VA 22311
(703) 671-6635

Laurel Richardson Exhibition Judges (Exhibitions and Judges Education)

P. O. Box 42458
Indianapolis, IN  62042
(317) 887-0706

Jacob Braun E-News (Marketing)

5307 N. Hamilton Rd.
Peoria, IL 61614 US
(309) 643-2299

Gary Jones Garden Judges Expediter (Awards and Honors and Judges Education)

40 Woodstock Meadows   
Woodstock, CT 06281   
(860) 928-0198

Kris Henning Garden Judges Records (Awards and Honors and Judges Education)

22163 Spirit Lake Road East
Frederic, WI  54837
(715) 689-2333

Maureen Strong International Membership Chair (Membership)

48 Lakeshore Drive
Stoney Creek, ON Canada L8E 5C7
(905) 643-3271

Mitchell Hagler Policies and Procedures (President)

3308 Kendale Avenue
Concord, NC  28027
(704) 960-4778

John Martin Popularity Poll (Marketing)

134 Broad River Run
Rutherfordton, NC  28139-7395
(828) 288-3071

Janice Wood Registration Data Collection Sub-Committee (Registration)

8379 Rivertrail Cove
Cordova, TN 38018
(901) 753-2337

Debbie Butler Monbeck Registration Image Collection Subcommittee (Registration)

2700 Switzer Road
Frankfort, KY 40601
(502) 695-3178

Laura Teague Round Robins (Publications)

30 Carroll Gentry Road
Madisonville, KY 42431
(270) 821-3472

Sue Bergeron Scientific Studies (Judge’s Education)

Almonte, Ontario KOA 1AO

Jacob Braun Social Media (Technology)

5307 N. Hamilton Road
Peoria, IL  61614
(309) 643-2299

Jim Cruise Video and Photographic Awards Sub-Committee (Awards and Honors)

5307 N. Hamilton Rd.
Peoria, IL 61614 US
(309) 219-4239

Kathy D'Alessandro Youth (Membership)

2076 Silo Lane
East Greenville, PA 18041
(215) 679-8910

Archives and History Committee:

Ken Cobb (NC) Archivist/Historian, Chair

Betsey Clark (ME)

Marifrances Hiltz (TN)

Ray Houston (TX)

John Ware (VA)

All Regional Archivists/Historians

Awards and Honors Committee:

Claude Carpenter (GA), Chair

Don Herr (PA)

Tim Herrington (GA)

Steve Horan (MN)

Debbie Monbeck (KY)

Julie Covington (VA)

Christine Petersen (NY)

Compensation Committee:

Lois Hart (KS), Chair

Beck Hinshaw (NC)

Nikki Schmith (IL)

David Freshour (TX)


Eddie Raye Andrews (TX), Chair

Daylily Ambassadors

Melodye Campbell (NY), Chair

Ken Cobb (NC)

Janice Kennedy (VA)

Carol and Anthony Haj (NY)

Daylily Cities

Melodye Campbell (NY), Chair

Ken Cobb (NC)

Display Gardens Committee

Melodye Campbell (NY), Chair

Ken Cobb (NC)

Jessie Worsham (GA)

Carl Harmon (NH)


Jacob Braun (IL), Chair

Sue Bergeron (ON, Canada)

Elizabeth Trotter (KY)

Ken Cobb (NC)

Nikki Schmith (IL)

Endowments Committee

Kathleen Schloeder (VA), Chair

John Falck (AL)

Ed Herringshaw (LA)

Ottis Houston (FL)

William C. “Bill” Monroe (LA)

Laurel Richardson (IN)

Marcia Zech (WA)

Exhibitions Committee

MaryAnn Duncan (KY), Chair

Exhibition Judges Clinics Expediter

Laurel Richardson (IN), Chair

MaryAnn Duncan (KY)

Scott Elliott (GA)

Nikki Schmith (IL)

Exhibitions Judges’ Records

Laurel Richardson (IN), Chair

MaryAnn Duncan (KY)

Scott Elliott (GA)

Nikki Schmith (IL)

Finance Committee

Lois Hart (KS), Chair

Kyle Billadeau (MN)

Nikki Schmith (IL)

Kathleen Schloeder (VA)

David Jewel (ONT, Canada)

Nancy Falck (AL)

Garden Judges Records

Kris Henning (WI), Chair

All Regional Garden Judges Liaisons

Garden Judges Expediter

Gary Jones (CT), Chair

International Membership

Maureen Strong (ON, Canada), Chair

Judges' Education

Scott Elliott, Ph. D. (GA), Chair

Laurel Richardson (IN), Exhibition Judges’ Chair

MaryAnn Duncan (KY), Exhibitions Chair

Gary Jones (CT), Garden Judges’ Expediter

Kris Henning (WI), Garden Judges’ Records

Robert Stanton, Ph. D. (NY)

James Mullins (GA)

Beth Creveling (PA)

Elizabeth Lassanyi (CA)

Nikki Schmith (IL)

Long Range Planning Committee

Marcia Zech (WA), Chair

Russ Allen (CT)

Eddie Raye Andrews (TX)

Kyle Billadeau (MN)

Bill Maryott (CA)

Kathleen Schloeder (DE)

Pat Soileau (LA)

Maureen Strong (ON, Canada)

Marketing Committee

Russ Allen (CT), Chair

Nikki Schmith (IL)

Jacob Braun (IL)

Melodye Campbell (NY)

Adele Keohan (MA)

Charlie Harper (OH)

Media Library

For information on our digital offerings,

Click Here.

Membership Committee

David Freshour (TX), Chair

Kathy D’Alessandro (PA)

Scott Elliott (GA)

Kyle Kunze (WA)

Maureen Strong (ONT, Canada)

Maureen Valenza (TX)

Portal Site Management

Claude Carpenter (GA), Community and General Manager

Mary Collier Fisher (MA)

Sandy Holmes (OH)

Photography and Video Awards Subcommittee of Awards and Honors

Jim Cruise (IL), Chair

Newsletter Awards

Nancy Harvey (CA), Chair

Betty Roberts (CO)

Policy & Procedures

Mitch Hagler (NC), Chair

Linda Sue Barnes (NC)

Kenneth Cobb (NC)

Mary Collier Fisher (MA)

Maurice Greene (TN)

Popularity Poll

John R. Martin (NC), Chair

All Regional Publicity Directors

Regional Popularity Poll Tabulators

Publications Committee

Lois Hart (KS), Chair

Kyle Billadeau (MN)

Bret Clement (IN)

Meg Ryan (CA)

Nan Ripley (MN)

Oliver Billingslea (AL)

Marcia Zech (WA)

Nikki Schmith (IL)

Scott Elliott (GA)

Kathy Pinkas (IL)

Tim Fehr (WI)

Regional Officers

Opal Howell (FL), Chair

Sharon Agosta (FL)

Registration Committee

Becky Hinshaw (NC), Chair

Debbie Butler Monbeck (KY), Chair of Image Collection Sub Committee

Melodye Campbell (NY), Chair of Name Review Subcommittee

Elizabeth Trotter (KY), Registrar

Janice Wood (TN), Chair of Registration Data Collection Sub Committee

Registration Image Collection Subcommittee

Debbie Monbeck (KY), Chair

Mary Baker (NE)

Linda Sue Barnes (NC)

Michael Bouman (MO)

Bobbie Brooks (MA)

Janice Kennedy (VA)

Rich Rosen (KY)

Janice Wood (TN)

Registration Name Review Committee

Melodye Campbell (NY), Chair

Elizabeth Trotter (KY)

Gail Korn (NE)

Lanny Morry (ONT, Canada)

Melanie Mason (NY)

Kevin Walek (VA)

Maureen Strong (ONT, Canada)

Michael Bouman (MO)

Registration Data Sub Committee of Registration

Janice Wood (TN), Chair

Round Robins

Laura Teague (KY), Chair

Vickie Goedde (IN)

Beri Zaparanik (KY)

Scientific Studies Committee

Susan Bergeron (ON, Canada), Chair

Linda Sue Barnes (NC)

Maurice Dow (ON, Canada)

Scott Elliott (GA)

Gus Guzinski (MI)

Patricia Crooks Henley (OH)

Mike Huben (Tena, Ecuador)

Chris von Kohn (DC)

Pat Loveland (OR)

Mark Mount (MA)

Linda Pinkham (VA)

Carol Spurrier (VA)

Patrick Stamile (CA)

Elliot Turkiew (NY)

Kevin Vaughn (OR)

Special Projects

Oliver Billingslea (AL), Chair

Technology Committee

Nikki Schmith (IL), Chair and Portal General Manager

Jacob Braun (IL),  AHS Social Media Chair

Rebecca Board (NC)

Tim Fehr (WI)

The Daylily Journal Editorial Board

Bret Clement (IN), General Counsel

Mary Collier Fisher (MA), Member-at-Large

Nikki Schmith (IL), AHS Past President

Mike Huben (MA), Assistant Editor for Horticulture

David Kirchhoff (KY), Assistant Editor at Large

Lois Hart (KS), Publications Chair

Margo Reed (VA), Member-at-Large

Julie Covington (VA), Member-at-Large

Kevin P. Walek (VA), Member-at-Large

The Daylily Journal Proofreaders

Mary Collier Fisher (MA)

Jane Unger (WV)

John Ware (VA)

Youth Committee

Kathy D’Alessandro (PA), Chair

Audra Burns (MI)

Clint Fussell (FL)

Lisa Klette (KY)

Wendy Nicholds (ON, Canada)

Betty Roberts (CO)

Elizabeth Shooter (SC)

Grace Stamile (CA)

Patrick Stamile (CA)

Elliot Turkiew (NY)

Sharing our love for daylilies with the world!

It’s often said that “We go to meetings for the daylilies but stay for the people.”  Join today and start your own daylily story.
There are several wonderful perks to becoming a member of the American Daylily Society:
  • Receipt of four issues per year of The Daylily Journal, an informative magazine with articles on all aspects of growing daylilies, as well as beautiful pictures and notices of upcoming events. Older issues of the Journal, as well as other Daylily Society publications, may be purchased by clicking here. Many of our superb daylily publications are also available on Amazon.
  • Receipt of Regional Newsletters. Check out the area map and find a local daylily club to join in your Region and receive information on local and Regional meetings and other daylily related articles.
  • Opportunities to attend national conventions which include lots of opportunities to network with other daylily lovers while learning through lectures, clinics, workshops, and garden tours.
  • Opportunity to exhibit at Daylily Society accredited flower shows during bloom season. Contact the Region’s website for times and locations of these events.
  • Access to an active Facebook page.
  • Participate in an E-mail Round Robin where you have the opportunity to ask questions and get answers from daylily lovers, such as yourself, from within our membership network.
  • Access to the location of daylily-centric display gardens throughout the country.

It’s easy to sign up for an annual membership for $25 and receive a $25 voucher to redeem at participating nurseries – just click on this link to join without leaving the site.

Why not purchase a three-year membership and save?

Or try us on for size by purchasing a Trial Membership available in July, for a reduced membership rate of $15.00 and receipt of the last two Daylily Journals of the year.

From current national President Judie Branson
"Remember 'Life’s a dance you learn as you go!' Won’t you come and join our party and enjoy daylilies in your part of the world?"
President 2018-2019

Judie Branson, Director Region 13

Our Legacy

Flip Through History

Use the arrows below to flip through many aspects of our history and the legacy we strive to build for the gardening community and our membership.

Leading the way

Past Society Presidents

Over the past 70 years, ADS has been led by many great people who loved and took honorable guidance in our culture at AHS. Take a look at all of our past presidents.


Where have we been?

Past Convention Host Cities

Here are the cities where national conventions have been hosted over the last three-quarters of a century.


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