Helen Field Fischer Gold Medal

Established in 1950, this is the Society’s highest honor and is the official recognition for distinguished and meritorious service rendered the AHS by a member on the national level. It is named for the founder of the American Hemerocallis Society. In general this award should honor only one person annually, but two awards have been given on occasion. A dual award to two members of the same family will count as one. Nominations may be submitted by any AHS member to the AHS Awards & Honors Chairman by mail or email. Nominations are due by September 1st for the upcoming year. The AHS Board votes by secret ballot at the annual fall board meeting, and the award is presented at the following AHS National Convention.

Years of Excellence

Award Winners

Claude Carpenter Georgia 2023
Nikki Schmith Illinois 2022
Marcia Zech Washington 2021
Melodye Campbell New York 2020
Mary Collier Fisher Massachusetts 2019
Julie Covington Virginia 2018
Dan and Jackie Bachman Ohio 2017
Gisela Meckstroth Ohio 2016
Earl and Barbara Watts Mississippi 2015
Joanne Larson Illinois 2014
Timothy J. Fehr Wisconsin 2013
Kevin P. Walek Virginia 2012
Jim and Peggy Jeffcoat South Carolina 2011
Bill and Jean Norris Florida 2010
Lee Pickles Tennessee 2009
Roswitha Waterman New York 2009
Pat Mercer Georgia 2008
Kay Day Pricola California 2007
Wayne Johnson Florida 2006
Ken Cobb North Carolina 2005
Hal Rice Michigan 2004
Virginia Henson Texas 2003
Nell Jessup Georgia 2002
David Kirchhoff Florida 2001
Peggy Estes Oklahoma 2000
Earlene Garber Louisiana 2000
William C. Monroe Louisiana 1999
Jack Harrison Alabama 1998
Annie Weinreich Texas 1997
Bill & Mary Anne Ater Texas 1996
Bob Brooks California 1995
Dorothea Boldt Louisiana 1994
Frances Gatlin Missouri 1993
Elly Launius Mississippi 1993
Clarence J. Crochet Louisiana 1992
R.W. Munson, Jr. Florida 1991
Selma Timmons Georgia 1991
Virginia Peck Tennessee 1990
Mavis G. Smith Missouri 1989
Betty Woods Georgia 1988
Ida Munson Florida 1987
Sarah Sikes Alabama 1986
Luke Senior, Jr. Arkansas 1985
Lucia Bjorkman Texas 1984
Mildred Schlumpf Texas 1983
Olive Langdon Alabama 1982
Daisy L. Ferrick Kansas 1981
Shirley Gene Wild Missouri 1980
Martha B. Hadley Missouri 1980
Luther J. Cooper, Jr. North Carolina 1979
Betty Barnes Mississippi 1978
Ruth Mannoni Kansas 1977
Edna Lankart Texas 1976
Louise Simon Louisiana 1975
Willard Gardner North Carolina 1975
George T. Pettus Missouri 1974
Ethel Smith Mississippi 1973
Molly Wheeler Illinois 1972
Walter C. Hava Mississippi 1971
Hyta Mederer Georgia 1970
Bertie Ferris Texas 1970
George M. Darrow Maryland 1969
William E. Monroe Louisiana 1968
Ben Parry Tennessee 1967
Lula Mae Purnell Texas 1966
Olive Hindman Florida 1965
Hubert A. Fischer Illinois 1964
Ophelia Taylor Florida 1963
Frances Lamb Kentucky 1962
D. R. McKeithan Oklahoma 1961
Mrs. Carl Marcue Iowa 1960
Wilmer B. Flory Indiana 1959
Elmer A. Claar Illinois 1958
Hugh M. Russell Texas 1957
F. Edgar Rice Oklahoma 1956
George E. Lenington Missouri 1955
Bess Ross Iowa 1954
Gretchen Harshbarger Iowa 1953
Viola Richards Indiana 1952
M. Frederick Stuntz New York 1951
Helen Field Fischer Iowa 1950
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