Lazarus Memorial

The Lazarus Memorial Award was begun in 1986 and awarded for the first time at the 1987 AHS National Convention in Washington, D.C. This award, presented by Brian and Judy Lazarus in memory of their son Devin, recognized the enormous potential of the video medium for presenting the story of daylilies. The recipient would receive an original piece of art work.

Years of Excellence

Award Winners

Hans Herrington Georgia 2021
Ken Cobb North Carolina 2019
Nikki Schmith - video HERE Illinois 2015
Charles Dorsey - video HERE Ohio 2014
Charles Dorsey - video HERE Ohio 2012
Kathleen Nordstrom North Dakota 2011
Charles Dorsey Ohio 2010
Charles Dorsey Ohio 2008
Jay Laundré Mississippi 2007
Jay Laundré Mississippi 2006
Jay Laundré Mississippi 2005
Bobby Baxter North Carolina 2004
Bobby Baxter North Carolina 2003
Bobby Baxter North Carolina 2002
Sharon Fitzpatrick Ohio 2000
David Silber New York 1999
Tom Nichols Pennsylvania 1996
Kenneth Johnson Florida 1995
Dan Bachman Ohio 1993
Kenneth Johnson Florida 1991
David Riseman Massachusetts 1986
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