Steve Moldovan Mentoring

This award was established in 2007 to honor the memory of hybridizer Steve Moldovan for his life-long mentoring efforts.  Nominations should be submitted to the Awards & Honors Chairman by September 1 each year.  Nominations are then reviewed by the AHS Board at their annual fall meeting.  Serving board members are not eligible.  If the AHS Board determines that one of the nominated individuals has mirrored the paradigm of mentoring that Steve Moldovan exemplified during his lifetime, it will grant the award.  This may include mentoring new hybridizers, mentoring youth, or mentoring a local daylily club.  The award consists of an engraved medallion, which will be presented by a representative of Region 2 at the following National Convention.  Region 2 will finance the award for a period of 15 years.

Years of Excellence

Award Winners

Bob and Eric Tankesley-Clarke Missouri 2023
Robert Selman North Carolina 2022
Nan Ripley Iowa 2021
Paul Botting Maryland 2020
Kathy D’Alessandro Pennsylvania 2019
Don Herr Pennsylvania 2018
Ken Cobb North Carolina 2017
Clayton Burkey Pennsylvania 2016
Tim Herrington Georgia 2015
Peggy and Jim Jeffcoat South Carolina 2014
Shirley Farmer Ohio 2013
Van Sellers North Carolina 2012
Clarence Crochet Louisiana 2011
David Kirchhoff Kentucky 2010
Enman R. Joiner Georgia 2009
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