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Below you will find many resources that are specific to Exhibition Judges and Instructors.

Exhibition Judges By Region

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AHS Exhibitions Handbook

The AHS Exhibitions Handbook is the complete guide for conducting and judging Daylily Shows. It is the primary document for all AHS Judges and for those hosting Daylily Shows. It is also the basis for all judges training materials and for instructors. Below are links to PDF copies of this document for printing and for computer viewing. Links to PowerPoint & Video presentations that overview the changes made to the Exhibitions Handbook in the 2018 update are also located below. You can purchase a hard copy of this document through Amazon. You can download a PDF Version from the Portal Store.

Overview of the 2018 AHS Exhibitions Handbook (PowerPoint)

Overview of the 2018 AHS Exhibitions Handbook (Video)

AHS Exhibition Judges Training Materials and Documentation

AHS Exhibition Judges have the following five levels of accreditation:

  1. Student-in-Training (Must have satisfactorily completed Clinic I)
  2. Junior Exhibition Judge (Must have satisfactorily completed Clinic I)
  3. Senior Exhibition Judge (Must have satisfactorily completed Clinic II and must complete Clinic III every four years to maintain accreditation)
  4. Exhibition Clinic Instructor (Requirements covered in the AHS Exhibitions Handbook)
  5. Honorary Exhibition Judge (Requirement covered in the AHS Exhibitions Handbook)

The AHS Exhibitions Handbook gives complete accreditation details for each of the above five levels.

The following forms and documents are available for AHS Exhibition Judges Instructors when conducting Exhibition Judges Clinics I, II, and III. All clinics must be approved at least six weeks in advance by the Judges Education Expediter. The forms are provided as .pdf (Portable Document Format) files and will require Adobe® Reader™ for viewing and printing. Adobe Reader can be downloaded FREE from the Adobe Web site. You may also install the Adobe Reader web browser plug-in to view and print these files from within your web browser.

All Clinics

Clinic I

Curriculum, exams, and additional forms must be requested by completing the above application.

Clinic II

Clinic III

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