Garden Judges


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Find A Judge

There are approximately 380 Certified AHS Garden Judges. The link below will take you to a list of these judges by Region. There is also a list of Garden Judges Liaisons for each region.

2024 Certified AHS Garden Judges

2024 Garden Judge Liaisons for each Region

2018 AHS Garden Judges Handbook

Judging Daylilies In The Garden

The AHS Garden Judging Handbook, Judging Daylilies In the Garden, is the complete guide for AHS Garden Judges. It contains the following:

  1. An overview of AHS Awards and Honors
  2. Garden Judges Responsibilities and Accreditation
  3. Characteristics of Daylilies
  4. Judging daylilies in the garden
  5. Overview of Garden Judges Workshops

The handbook is available in hardcopy from Amazon and in PDF format from the AHS Portal Store.

AHS Garden Judges Training Materials and Documentation

Garden Judges Workshop Application

Garden Judges Workshop 1 Materials

Garden Judges Workshop 2 Materials

Garden Judges Workshop 3 Materials

  • Workshop 3 Chair & Instructors Guidelines & Forms (coming soon)
  • Workshop 3 Slide Show PowerPoint (Download)
  • Workshop 3 Student Packet (coming soon)

Garden Judges Materials

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