Region 4
16 Laurel Ridge, Princeton, MA, USA
Contact: Elisabeth Murphy
Phone: 508-498-5638
Preferred Contact Method: Phone Call, Email
Best Time to Visit: Middle of July
Hybridizer's Garden, Appointment Necessary, Large Garden (more than an acre), Features Other Plant Collections, Themed Garden Beds (ex.: Stout Medal Collection, Lenington Collection, Science Fiction Theme, Wizard of Oz theme, etc.), Historic Display Garden, Private Garden

More about the garden:

This garden is located approximately 50 miles from Boston and just north of Worcester. It is one of the few daylily gardens in the area.

Elizabeth started her garden when she moved to the U.S. in 1990.  Her husband announced, “The hill {at the new property} was too steep to cut grass-do something with it”, she took it to heart and converted that area to a terraced garden using the rocks collected from the property. Over the years, the garden grew and a naturalist waterfall was added.

After receiving a gift certificate from her Mother-in-law to a daylily farm, Elisabeth came home with a bag of daylilies and had caught the “collecting bug” during the visit.  Soon after, she joined the New England Daylily Society and she continued on her daylily journey.  Her gardens now include the complete collection of the Stout medal winners. She has started hybridizing and enjoys seeing the new creations show their faces each year.

There are many sun loving perennials and shrubs, including hydrangea, filenpendula, aster, ligularia, clematis, roses, dahlias, peony and sedum.  There is an impressive vegetable garden and assortment of fruit bearing shrubs and vines.

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