Lazarus Memorial Award

2014 Winner: for his video on Shirley Farmer., the winner is Charles Dorsey.

May be given annually for the best video recording of a presentation relating to daylilies.
1986 David Riseman Massachusetts
1991 Kenneth Johnson Florida
1993 Dan Bachman Ohio
1995 Kenneth Johnson Florida
1996 Tom Nichols Pennsylvania
1999 David Silber New York
2000 Sharon Fitzpatrick Ohio
2002 Bobby Baxter North Carolina
2003 Bobby Baxter North Carolina
2004 Bobby Baxter North Carolina
2005 Jay Laundré Mississippi
2006 Jay Laundré Mississippi
2007 Jay Laundré Mississippi
2008 Charles Dorsey Ohio
2009 No winner  
2010 Charles Dorsey Ohio
2011 Kathleen Nordstrom North Dakota
2012 Charles Dorsey - video HERE Ohio
2014 Charles Dorsey - video HERE Ohio
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